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Astilbe is one of our very favorite florals in the studio -- we sometimes describe it as a unicorn Christmas tree! We love using it in everything from centerpieces to pew markers.


Astilbe is one of those fabulous flowers that grow well in gardens and work even better as cut flowers in arrangements. They are memorable for both their fluffy blooms and lovely fern-like foliage as well as how easy they are to grow.

These perennials can grow up to five feet and prefer shady spots in the garden with well-drained soil. Astilbe typically blooms all summer and some varieties even have foliage that changes color in the fall.

Vintage Romantic Altar

Astilbe comes in lots of different colors but the most popular that we use here at May Flowers are white, blush pink and dark pink.

It originally comes from Eastern Asia but was introduced to the United States by a German botanist named George Arends. Many varieties of astilbe still carry his name today.

Chair Marker with Astilbe

Also known as "false goat's beard," astilbe is a great textural flower for whimsical garden bouquets or classic mounded bouquets that need a hint of color. It can also be used for height in an arrangement since its stems are straight and fairly strong.

Astilbe is considered to be a symbol of patience and commitment to a lover so it's perfect as a wedding flower since weddings are all about celebrating forever love!

Table Centerpiece

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