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Scabiosa is one of our very favorite blooms to use in everything from bouquets to centerpieces to flower crowns!

Scabiosa bloom

Scabiosa, commonly known as pincushion flower, comes in a variety of colors including white, blush, burgundy, plum, and lavender. We wanted to share some of our greatest scabiosa hits!

Their long, graceful stems make them perfect for a dramatic impact arrangement as well as for a dash of color in a bridal bouquet.

Their petite but strong blooms are ideal for delicate flower crowns.

Scabiosa is doubly wonderful because the plant's seed pods are perfect for adding natural texture to any design – especially boutonnieres for a little masculine touch.

scabiosa pods

We hope you love scabiosa and scabiosa pods as much as we do!

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