April 17, 2018


Photo by May Flowers


Hellebores are a delicate little beauty perfect for garden-style arrangements! Their downward-facing petals create elegant curves from the center of a bouquet.


Photo by May Flowers


Hellebores are also sometimes called Lenten roses because they bloom around the beginning of Lent, though they aren't related to roses at all. Another common name is the Christmas rose – the story goes that a young girl wanted to see baby Jesus in Bethlehem but had no gift to bring him, so an angel took pity on her sadness and turned her tears to flowers as they touched the ground, giving her a gift to present to Jesus. 


Photo by May Flowers


The scientific name helleborus is derived from Ancient Greek meaning "to injure" and "food." Every part of the plant is toxic if ingested, and sometimes even the sap can be a skin irritant. Despite the poisonous nature of the plant, in a bouquet it is said to bring tranquility and protection against anxiety and disaster, which seems like the perfect bloom to use for a wedding! 




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